CI Introduction

Korea Institute for Rare Metal CI Introduction

The Rare Metals Tree, as KIRAM’s symbol, represents the convergence of industries and symbolizes the connection, expansion and concentration of industrial infrastructure of rate metals around the tree trunk, which is KIRAM. Just as a tree grows, the tree also signifies the accomplishment of the KIRAM’s vision of initiating new growth and green growth, as well as the infinite evolution of KIRAM. The branches, which are in the shape of metals, represent a diverse range of rare metals enterprises, and the fruits symbolize core technologies and professional workforce, fostered by joint research bases for rare metals resources, materialization, cycling technology, and the promotion of relevant industries.

Signature Standard

Signature Standard

Color System

Symbol Mark | Gradation Color Pantone 009743
C86 M15 Y100 K3
R0 G151 B67
Pantone A7AC1A
C39 M21 Y100 K1
R167 G172 B26
Logo Type | Gradation Color Pantone 38933E
C78 M16 Y95 K4
R56 G147 B62
Pantone 99BF42
C48 M4 Y88 K0
R153 G191 B266