Organization 조직도

  • Council for Promoting the Rare Metal Industry
  • Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
  • Korea Institute for Rare Metals
  • Steering Committee / Equipment Purchase Deliberative Committee
  • Office of Policy Development
    • R&D Policy Planning
    • Standardization Planning
    • International Policy Planning
  • Business Management
    • Business Management Team
      • Budget management and institute construction
      • Sole responsibility for research management
      • Public relations
    • Administrative Support Team
      • Personnel, general affairs, audit, security, facility maintenance
      • Procurement and asset management
      • Support for public occasions

센터 구성원

희소금속센터 구성원
성명 직급 전화번호 E-mail 담당업무
Kyoung-Tae Park Director, Principal Researcher 032-226-1351 General Management of the Institute
Taek-soo Kim Principal Researcher 032-850-0201 General Management of Policy Planning
Bum-Sung Kim Principal Researcher 032-226-1352 R&D
Kyoung-Mook Lim Principal Researcher 032-226-1350 R&D
Seok-Jun Seo Principal Researcher 032-226-1353 R&D
Jun-hee Han Head, Principal Researcher 032-226-1354 R&D
Song-Myung suk Senior Researcher 032-226-1356 R&D
Jae-Jin Sim Senior Researcher 032-226-1349 Equipment Operation at Plants
Song Yoseb Senior Researcher 032-226-1347 R&D
Dong-hyun Kim Senior Researcher 032-226-1355 R&D
Seung-Yeon Park Researcher 032-226-1349 Equipment Operation at Plants
Dae-Kyeom Kim Senior Researcher 032-226-1375 Equipment Operation at Plants
Won-Jung Choi Researcher 032-226-1357 Equipment Operation at Analysis Lab.
Han-Seul Ki Researcher 032-226-1345 Equipment Operation at Analysis Lab.
Ji-Sun On Researcher 032-226-1346 Accounting
Mi-Hye Lee Researcher 032-226-1347 Business Planning