Major Guidance

About Rare Metals Engineering

Rare Metals Engineering

While rare metals are considered key elements of major industry and a new growth engine, supply of rare metals fails to meet demand. Supply shortage is a global trend, and to address this issue, countries are making efforts, both technological and scientific. In this background, rare metals engineering endeavors to educate and conduct research on reduction, replacement, recycling, stock-piling, and policies on rare metals for the purpose of establishing a virtuous cycle for the rare metals industry, which is the most desirable outcome for Korea. Given the nature of rare materials, rare metals engineering at UST, with the benefit from international joint research (industry-academics-research labs), aims to nurture talents who can lead research and business enterprises on high-value materials.


Nurturing Domestic Experts and International Talents
Who can Contribute to the Korea’s Rise
as a Global Powerhousein the Rare Metals Industry”

Mid/Long-Term Development Targets
Academic Field
  • 1. Nurturing highly specialized professionals to absorb world-class rare metals technology
  • 2. Establishing a systematic education system to acquire advanced technology
Research Field
  • 1. Research connected with the domestic and international industrial environment
  • 2. Research on the structure of virtuous industrial circulation from raw materials to recycling
  • 3. Facilitating research on fusion technology in conjunction with other relevant industries
Strategies and Tasks to Pursue
Research Field
  • 1. Development of specialized academic program that combines science and engineering in balance
  • 2. Development of international cooperation program through active international exchange
  • 3. Securing high-end educational infrastructure that builds bridges between domestic and international academic institutions
  • 1. Research to complete “the structure of virtuous circulation for domestic industry”
  • 2. Expansion of customized education program to satisfy industry’s need
  • 3. Securing research facility to complete “the structure of world-class virtuous circulation”